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Carlo D'Orta D'OrtaBarsciglie'


ZERO sculpture was born from the search for movement, to overcome the static nature of the body and mind. His works are the continuous change against the rules of balance and time.
The movement, in its perception of desire, turns into emotion and expresses itself as an unreal situation. Its symbolic forms happily become the myth of a story never lived.
Symbolism is its incredible reality.

Augusto Benemeglio

7. Carlo D'Orta, Vibrazioni Roma Eur # 38.jpg
12. Carlo D'Orta, Liquidance # 77.jpg
1. Carlo D'Orta & Andrea Ciresola, (S)Composizione Valencia # 7.jpg
2. Carlo D'Orta, (S)Composizione Londra # 39.jpg
4. Carlo D'Orta, Biocities Parigi Defence # 1.jpg
10. Carlo D'Orta, Liquidance 2019 # 6C.jpg
11. Carlo D'Orta, Liquidance # 47.jpg
8. Carlo D'Orta, (Re)FineArt Eni Venezia # 35.jpg
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