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A new Art Gallery was born in Rome, which has the ambition to address not only to a local audience, but also international and global through the development of synergies and multimedia collaborations increasingly active in the field of visual arts. The name of the gallery is Purificato.Zero, name born on the model of a modern formula willing to suggest evolution, growth, speed and also to underline the engagement to use the web as a tool for complying with the highest standards of connection, communication and sharing.
The Gallery, housed in a new and elegant space in Via Bisagno 11, has in its components a recognized history of high professionalism and has a wide selection of works by some of the most established authors, both modern artists (many figurative authors who made the history of the second half of the 1900s) and contemporary, according to a wide range of artistic models accompanied by online information that will deepen their knowledge. Among them there are also new artists to whom the gallery dedicates itself with special attention for their discovery and enhancement.
Some of the most significant works will be collected in virtual exhibitions that, time to time, will be brought to the attention of fans or exhibited.


Via Bisagno 11, 00199 Roma


Monday: 10:30 – 13:30 / 15:30 – 19:30
Tuesday–Saturday: 10:30–14:00/14:30– 20:00
Sunday: On appointment


+39 338.152.7008


+39 348.180.0776

+39 338.152.7008

+39 329.540.3114

The STUDIOZERO Cultural Association hopes that a number of friends, supporters and artists will join to collaborate in its life and success.

Being a STUDIOZERO member means:

- Share your interest in art and cultural dialogue, participating in its valorisation concretely.

- Have a role in the Assembly.

- Adhere to a communication and intellectual development project in times when these possibilities are increasingly overlooked.

- Propose yourself to the achievement of goals you believe in, moreover with the sharing of other affiliates.
- Support and make feasible initiatives precluded to the individual individual will.

Among the programs of the Association we want to point out, among other things, the desire to make known or discover some historical places, where exhibitions and meetings will be held, round tables, readings of author paintings, lessons or conversations, presentation of books in front of works related to the actuality of our times; a patrimony of images and references that will certainly constitute one of the most significant aspects of our business. All through an organizational formula that will combine the cultural interaction of individuals with the experience and intellectual responsibility of the "Galleria Purificato.Zero"

The exhibiting artists will also be selected from our members. Registration will be approved by the Steering Committee. Fill now the attached application for registration to the "STUDIOZERO Cultural Association" which for this 2020 will not require any special commitment other than to make yourself known and facilitate, if you wish, the registration of next year. You will receive by email the complete registration form if you communicate in the "Message" box the will to view the statute and to sign it to become an official member. You will be able to take advantage of all the prerogatives inherent to your status as a Member of the STUDIOZERO Cultural Association


Leave us your email address, we will communicate our exhibition and commercial initiatives.

Thanks for signing up

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